The story of SO.SI.SE.SA.

The story of SOSISESA Foundation begins in 1996, when the desire of changing Romanian beliefs about humanitarian acts became a common aim for a group of experts in Economics, Sociology, Politology, social care, IT and Law. So “Sociabilitate Simpatie Servire Salvare” (“Sociability Sympathy Service Salvation”) Cultural-Humanitarian Foundation was found.



 Humanitarian actions should be an unceasing and long-term programme, pursuing a real change into the standards of living, lifestyle and disadvantaged people’s system of values.



Our purpose is to make a change into the mentality and beliefs of the community on what humanitarian actions means.



Through our activity we aim to help different social groups who meet certain difficulties to fit in the community. The most frequent life problems are:

  • Poverty becoming lifestyle;
  • Personal exclusion and social isolation of persons suffering from phisical and mental disabilities or those with disadvantaged social situations;
  • Acceptance of chance inequalities and of improper life conditions;
  • Children abandonment from orphanages once they reach full age and they need to start a new life on their own;
  • Lack of social, civil and cultural education of persons with limited access to information.

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