Hydrate yourself healthily! - a campaign of Humanitarian Cultural Foundation ”SO.SI.SE.SA.”

Humanitarian Cultural Foundation​ „SO.SI.SE.SA.” has launched the campaign”Hydrate yourself healthily! Which will take place in 318 hospitals in Romania, at Emergency Units, where will be installed 2 filtered water dispensers, which will serve free of charge adult patients as well as children who have access to  Emergency Services of the hospitals.

As a first step we managed to equip 25 hospitals in Bucharest with 50 water dispensers with the help of our project partners: Farmexpert, ...

Donations - Packages for Christmas

The same as every year by now, in this campaign, our attention is focused on the 1200  families we support, families for whom Christmas holidays have lost their significance due to the impossibility to put on the table the necessary ones. Orphaned children, disorganized or numerous families.
The campaign "Together we change destinies!" we started working before Christmas together with the volunteers team to offer packages with goods to the people in need, hoping that at least in this moments we will manage to bring them a little bit of happyness with a minimum of effort from you. 
Keeping tradition, we proposed to offer then this time: oil, sugar, beans, rice, tomato sauce, salt, sweets and others.

Be with us in this campaign! 
Be an Actor not...

Christmas should only mean joy, presents and children all around! Why wouldn’t we all enjoy this holiday mood?

We are calling for your help, the help of the people who treasure and support their ’’brothers and sisters” in times of darkness and restlessness. We are calling for the help of those who are luckier than others and who won’t run away from the parents’ struggle to create some beautiful holiday moments for their little ones.  

Come alongside ’’SO.SI.SE.SA.” Cultural-Humanitarian Foundation and help us brighten the Christmas holiday for the needy people of Moldavia villages. As many as we gather, as many families will receive the needed aids. There will also be a dubble joy: not only that the kids will meet Santa Claus (some of them even for the first time), but we’ll also get to feel how it’s like to help those in need.

Our campaign starts on November, 24...

“Read along with me” Campaign

SO.SI.SE.SA. Cultural Humanitarian Foundation developed the first edition of “Read along with me” campaign in 2009. The first edition took place in Moldavian Democratic Republic, by signing a convention with the Romanian Union in Basarabia, Bucovina and Herta Region.

The following editions will take place in Romania, so our team seeks for the help of each and every partner and volunteer of our foundation, so as to collect books written by Romanian authors and share them with the pupils of Moldavian Democratic Republic.

We hope you will join us as soon as possible so as to promote the Romanian culture and values!


SO.SI.SE.SA. Cultural Humanitarian Foundation organizes a birthday party for all the children who are born from January to July!
For their birthday party, the children deserve all the fun we can get. What other reason should it be to cheer them up in a festive, joyful and relaxing event?

SO.SI.SE.SA. foundation would like to thank DOMO retailer for all the products donated through their fundraising campaign, “Your toy, their smile”, organized in May, 15-25. All the toys shall be donated to the children of Saint Sofia Day Care Center, in “Will you come to my birthday party?” campaign which is organized by SO.SI.SE.SA. foundation.

Join Maria, Ștefan, Rebeca and their mates on July, 2, at 11 o’clock, at Saint Sofia Day Care Center, situated on 2-4 Scaune Street, district 3, Bucharest! 
We are waiting for your toy donations at our headquarters on 24A Batistei...

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