SO.SI.SE.SA. Caravan – "Together we can change destinies”

Project aims to create a mechanism which will quickly support the homeless people, no matter which their location is. We also want to develop different social projects.

Main Objective:

Our project aims to:

  • Offer poor people basic food products.
  • Easier identification of the homeless people and help them find a place to live in.

SO.SI.SE.SA. Caravan – "Together we can change destinies” project doesn’t mean to encourage poverty and even involves the target group into other long-term projects which will help them integrate into society.
We will also investigate homeless people needs and we will solve their problems according to the context. 
Our team will prepare the files to make a selection – the urgent situations will be a priority. If needed, some will be redirected to specialized institutions which are partners of this project.

Target Group:

Direct beneficiaries: a number of 100 disadvantaged persons, children and young people, homeless and socially isolated people.

The results of the project:

  • 16 ex-institutionalized major persons will be hired ( orphans who have finnished their studies).
  • 100 street people will get one package of food each day by showing a card with an unique code.
  • The risk of getting sick because of the lack of the food will drop.

Short description of the project:

Most people of our target group don’t know that they can sleep or get medical treatment in overnight shelters in every district of Bucharest.
Taking into consideration that homeless people usually don’t have identity cards, SO.SI.SE.SA. Foundation shall offer them special cards to benefit from our help and get basic food products on a daily basis – a sandwich, a refreshing drink or a hot tea- when the temperatures are low.
Our specialists  together with experts from our partners will seek involving the homeless people in different social programmes and thereby identify their problems and redirect them to institutions that are able to help them.
The objective is "taking off" people from the streets and help them integrate into the society.


At the beginning, there will be two cars in the caravan. These are actually for moving social shops which contains all the needed equipment to merchandize our non-perishable products (except of alcohol and tobacco). The incomes will be used to pay our employees, to cover the maintenance costs and to pay the meals for the homeless people involved in our project.
For the beginning, the cars shall provide food for at least 100 homeless people daily and help develop more projects for other poor people.
The employees will have legal employment contracts and will be recruited from the orphan children who got out of the orphanages but, although they have graduated high school, could not find a job.


For a better information about the campaign, for each product you buy, besides the tax receipt, each customer will receive an informative material with the details of the campaign and our partners. This will lead to a more clear implementation of the project and will facilitate the involvement of all the interested persons.
At the same time, SO.SI.SE.SA. will initiate TV and written press informative campaigns which will inform the general public on the objectives of the project.

Duration of the project:

The project will begin in May 2015 and will have an indefinite duration.

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