On the occasion of the auction organised for the  Christmas Celebrations
In favour of  the disadvantaged children,
The SO.SI.SE.SA. Foundation and its team , in partnership with  ARTMARK,
Is priviledged to invite you at  the
Annual Charity Lunch

On Monday, 14th of December 2015, at 12:30 
At Odeon Palace, Zahana  33, Splaiul Unirii Street , No 163, Bucharest

Your presence and support means a lot for us and would be most highly appreciated and enjoyed.

Dress Code: Warm Smile                           R.S.V.P.  until  11.12.2015

The second edition of the Arts Social Camp will end at Venus resort, with the children of Salvați Copiii Organisation, Pitești. The camp will take place from August, 31 to September, 7 2015 and will include both theater workshops and navy arts workshops.

We chose the artistic camp because art is the best way to put away the daily problems for a while, problems that seem to be heavier on the children’s shoulders. Therefore, through the creativity games, the stage movement exercises and impromptu, we will develop important skills, such as spontaneity, self-confidence, teamwork and sense of critique.

Within the arts workshops we shall build trawls, ships, fishes and we shall paint shells, activities that will develop the children’s meticulosity and dexterity.

Besides, the children will spend a week at the sea-side, together with SO...

The second edition of the Arts Social Camp will start in Turturești, Neamț county, on August, 13 2015. It will last for 7 days and will include both theater and arts workshops. Our purpose is to offer the children from Centrul de Ajutor pentru Viață – Turturești a week of entertainment.

The children are aged between 5 and 18 years old and come from monoparental, violent or poor families. The care center was founded by Mihaela Tureschi and soon became their real home. Our main aim is to help the children learn more about themselves, understand the importance of team work and improve skills such as spontaneity, creativity or meticulosity.

The theater workshop will end with a final show, while the arts workshop will end with an auction. All the money we will raise will be donated to Centrul de Ajutor pentru Viață – Turturești...

Children and youngsters face severe financial problems, especially in the rural areas of the country, problems that stays in the way of their development and of their childish joys.

Art is the best method to disconnect from the current problems of life. Therefore, our workshops aim to encourage children’s personal, social and cognitive evolution, by promoting communication inside the groups and their emphatic skills. 

Our main target is to offer poor children a chance to cultivate their artistic side, to develop their potential and to widen their perspective on their future career.

At the same time, we want to make this children’s holiday happier and a little more peaceful. The children we chose are 25 talented actors from Cuza Voda, Calarasi County, who impressed the juries at several national contests with their performances. They are aged between 8 and 14...


SOCIABILITY SYMPATHY SERVICE SALVATION Cultural-Humanitarian Foundation has the pleasure to invite you to attend "Art says yes to humanity" event, which will take place on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at 6:30 P.M., at GALATECA Contemporary Arts and Design Gallery, no. 2-4, C.A. Rosetti Street, district 1, Bucharest.

It is education that shapes our spiritual values and human condition. Nowadays, it is not only pedagogics that turns education into a complex phenomenon, but also the team and the individual.

By such an interactive activity as art, dialogue improves our ability of asking and answering, of thinking, reflecting and finding solutions to our problems only by listening to our instinct. Interrogation in terms of art and philosophy is a basic and irreplaceable mark. Hope is the only thing left which helps us go on when we feel lonely...

The same Values and Aims under a New Identity

Smile is the shortest way between two hearts.

For 17 years, we bring smiles and joy into the souls of those with special needs so this is why we chose a smile to become the symbol of our activity.

We are surrounded by valuable people who support and give us strength and confidence to reach the next level with our initiatives.

Now, more than ever, to succeed in what we had proposed, we decided it was time for us to take a step forward and speak out loud about the things we believe in and about what we do, so as to attract as many upholders as we can. We started with small steps, but confident we would succeed, due to the support of our communication partner - Daiman Public Relations, in getting closer to people and changing their mindset on humanitarian action.

Thank you for your presence...

SO.SI.SE.SA Cultural Humanitarian Foundation, together with the Support for Phisically Disabled Children Association – Romania (ASCHF-R) and  AFI Palace Cotroceni, is pleased to invite you on 25th of April 2013, 18:00, at AFI Palace Cotroceni (near the rink) at the opening exhibition of the works made by disabled children exhibition (25th -29th of April).

"SO.SI.SE.SA"  CULTURAL HUMANITARIAN Foundation, in partnership with ASCHFR -Bucharest Branch- and AFI Palace Cotroceni is pleased to invite you to attend "Building a Dream", a charity event which will take place from 25th to 28th of April 2013, at AFI Palace Cotroceni Mall.

The inauguration will be on 25th of April 2013, at 18:00.

At the event you will find a painting and sale...

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