Hydrate yourself healthily! - a campaign of Humanitarian Cultural Foundation ”SO.SI.SE.SA.”

Humanitarian Cultural Foundation​ „SO.SI.SE.SA.” has launched the campaign”Hydrate yourself healthily! Which will take place in 318 hospitals in Romania, at Emergency Units, where will be installed 2 filtered water dispensers, which will serve free of charge adult patients as well as children who have access to  Emergency Services of the hospitals.

As a first step we managed to equip 25 hospitals in Bucharest with 50 water dispensers with the help of our project partners: Farmexpert, Kaufland and UPU SMURD!

The purpose of  SO.SI.SE.SA Foundation and our main partners is to help as many sick people as possible and their dependents, to hydrate them with filtered and purified water.

Not every patient, either adult or child, is able to buy clear water with money, finding themselves in a serious health condition.

This is why SO.SI.SE.SA. Foundation has started this free project named "Hydrate yourself healthily!"

Mr. Dr. Raed Arafat, State Secretary of the Department for Emergency Situations, Honor Ambassador of the Humanitarian Cultural Foundation "SO.SI.SE.SA." welcomed this initiative, supporting our logistics where this project is required.

Total value of this project is 572.000,400


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