Theodor Constantinescu got injured in a motorcycle accident in the night of 2nd of October 2008. He was studying for his MBA in Hanoi, Vietnam.
During the accident he suffered a traumatic head injury and he remained in a coma for seven days!
Luckily, he did not suffered any brain injury after the surgery, but, unfortunately, his bone flap is actually “melting” and he desperately needs a surgical intervention.
This is the reason why he asks for our help, because he needs this surgery as soon as possible.

You can find more information in the documents below. 



Ciobanu Aurica has a desperately need of a medical chest belt and other treatments for her hurting wrists. She suffers from multiple hereditary and congenital diseases, amongst which we can highlight the chronic tophaceous gout. All these diseases make her life a misery in which moving and other daily activities became almost impossible.

She needs our help to purchase the equipment mentioned above. You can find further details in the documents below. Let’s show missis Ciobanu Aurica that we do not abandon our suffering brothers and sisters!

We can change destinies together! 


What can be sadder than a mother who cannot help her child survive because she cannot afford his treatment? Bogdan is only 15 years old and yet he was diagnosed with one of the most severe forms of cancer.

The alternative treatment is up to 2000 lei a month, Bogdan being treated in a clinic in Bucharest. All the savings of the family were spent on his chemotherapy, but for regular earnings, his parents cannot afford to pay for his treatment any longer.

Bogdan’s life lies in our hands! Let’s offer him a chance to life by donating the money they need so much!

If you would like to help, you have below the information you need:

Raiffeisen Bank account: RO27 RZBR 0000 0600 1771 0361
Phone: 0748 122 570

Lucuț Vasile is a 30 year-old young man, who fall off a tree in 2007 and got paralyzed. His life is a continue sorrow: his old mother lais sick and paralyzed in bed, suffering form heart illness, his brother and father died while he was struggling to get a surgery and his only incomes ar his handicap  grant and his mother 350 lei grant.

Against all this disadvantages, the doctors  saidhe has a chance to walk again, but this requires surgery and revorery treatment abroad. Besides the lack of money, his house is isolated and he needs a bycicle or another medical equipment to be able to walk.

You can contact this fighter young man at the following telephone numbers:  0765 - 39 88 16,   0733- 52 91 82 şi 0751 – 37 36 10. 

Because of a lung flu, mister Siminiceanu Mihai started to spit blood and, after medical consultations, the doctors discovered he have brain cancer. Having big headaches, he cannot work anymore so he cannot financial sustain his family. He also had to get a loan to afford his treatment, as he has to go to Iași from 3 in 3 months for his consultations. 

He is on the verge of dispair. Any financial help will help him. All he wants is to get better, to pay his debts and raise his children.

A little ballerina’s life depends on us. The accident that happened on an usual rehearsal day changed Daria’s life completely and ruined all the dreams and sacrifices her parents and she made. Although she dedicated her entire childhood to ballet and arts, she couldn’t afford attending national competitions, except of the National Ballet Olympics, where she got the 2nd place. However, she doesn’t consider the idea of pursuing her career any longer. She needs 7.000 lei for treatment and only after 6 months of medical recovery she can do the reconstruction surgery, which costs 12.000 lei.

Even if she is a little winner in fighting the bad sides of life, Daria desperately needs our help now. Bit by bit, we can raise the needed amount of money. Read the documents below and you will entirely understand the situation she is in.  

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