Saint Irina Public Utility Foundation was founded in 1998 and it has as main statutory purpose the care of patients sick of cancer.
The founding members are doctors, university professors, researchers, PhD’s that have acknowledged the need of specialized care for people with cancer, until the last moment of their lives.
To meet these needs, Saint Irina Foundation  has founded from its own resources - in 2006, the first Palliative Care Center (Hospice) for Bucharest and surroundings, in Voluntari, Ilfov City. 
In 8 years of activities, more than 2500 cancer patients in terminal phase have received medical, psychological, social and spiritual care.

Beneficiaries: Cancer patients in early stage.


1.Psychotherapy Department: the patient will be offered a supportive assistance in order to diminish the anxiety and depression caused by the news of oncological diagnostic.
2.Physiotherapy and Kinesiology Department: therapy throughout physical movement and physiotherapeutic measures proper for cancer patients.
3.Nutrition Department: the patients will eat only bio food, without additives that are suspected of oncogenic effects.
4.Lifestyle Department: learning a new psychological and somatic lifestyle, while casting out all oncogenic factors.
5.Early Detection Department will work with a caravan fitted with specialized equipment for active detection of cancer in incipient phases, in all Romania’s counties. 
6.Prevention Department will accompany the early detention activities in order to medically educate the population.
7.Research Department will integrate the Clinic and Para-clinic experiences of all the other departments.  

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