Nowadays, because of the disadvantaged social, economic and familial environment, children and youngsters can easily develop harmful behaviors towards the community or even themselves. Therefore, teenagers grow up in a negative way, facing emotional problems and developing aggressive and irrational reactions to what life means. 

SO.SI.SE.SA. team meets their needs with an innovative and creative approach, which helps children develop in a healthy way, by means of arts and games.

The sessions aim to consolidate the emotional, social and cognitive side of their personality, to promote communication among the teams, to develop and exercise the children’s empathic skills. The proposed exercises seek to gather as many working techniques as possible. Thereby, you can find in our approach not only cognitive-behavioural, but also artistic and therapeutic techniques. 

The beneficiaries of this project are the children from orphanages or day care centers, who come from unbalanced and poor families. In a first stage, we will collaborate with Sfânta Sofia Day Care Center, which hosts children between 6 and 14 years old.

To get the results we want, the project will run on a 5 year period. Every 6 months, we will adapt the objectives and the techniques depending on the children’s performances and age.

The expected results are:

Development of self-esteem;
Development of the social skills and team work;
Improvement of the nervousness problems;
Imagination and creativity development;
Encouraging patience;
Development of the cognitive process;
Awareness of the fact that the artistic abilities can turn into a profession.

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