SO.SI.SE.SA. Caravan – "Together we can change destinies”

Project aims to create a mechanism which will quickly support the homeless people, no matter which their location is. We also want to develop different social projects.

Main Objective:

Our project aims to:

  • Offer poor people basic food products.
  • Easier identification of the homeless people and help them find a place to live in.

SO.SI.SE.SA. Caravan – "Together we can change destinies” project doesn’t mean to encourage poverty and even involves the target group into other long-term projects which will help them integrate into society.
We will also investigate homeless people needs and we will solve their problems according to the context. 
Our team will prepare the files to make a selection – the urgent situations will...


Saint Irina Public Utility Foundation was founded in 1998 and it has as main statutory purpose the care of patients sick of cancer.
The founding members are doctors, university professors, researchers, PhD’s that have acknowledged the need of specialized care for people with cancer, until the last moment of their lives.
To meet these needs, Saint Irina Foundation  has founded from its own resources - in 2006, the first Palliative Care Center (Hospice) for Bucharest and surroundings, in Voluntari, Ilfov City. 
In 8 years of activities, more than 2500 cancer patients in terminal phase have received medical, psychological, social and spiritual care.

Beneficiaries: Cancer patients in early stage.


1.Psychotherapy Department: the patient will...

Social Service Center "GHERMĂNEȘTI" will be a center that will operate both as a temporary shelter for various social categories, old people, and also as a recovery and treatment center for people with certain types of disabilities. At the same time, the complex will include a sport basis and a few other small businesses.

Project Structure


The center will target persons from the following categories of disability:

  • Physical disability - impairments of discharge statics, mechanical failures and upper limb motor, static and motion impairments of lower limb spastic, paralysis of limbs (slight, medium or heavy grade)
  • Somatic disabilities - slight or medium grade
  • Mental disability – the degree of mental retardation- low (IQ...

Our partnership with the School for children with visual disabilities in Bucharest consists in helping them purchase Braille typewriters to ease the access to education. We have clear examples in Romania: Mr. Radu Sergiu Ruba, President of Blind People Association, teacher and fluent speaker of seven foreign languages or  Mr. Vasile Adamescu, writer, sculptor and multilingual.

Both are blind, but have clearly demonstrated that they can overcome this handicap, carrying a normal life as much as possible.

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