SO.SI.SE.SA. means Sociability

It is the ability of each of us and which helps us integrate into society and be part of a socio-economic system.

At a closer look around us, we will certainly notice people who, because of different reasons, find it hard to integrate into the community so they feel excluded from it. They are the reason why we developed campaigns having as a long-term objective the integration of disadvantaged people into society.

Two of these programmes, very important to us, are "I want to go to school” and "Personal development through art, games and education”. Through these campaigns we support abandoned, orphan children or those coming from large families to continue studying and we encourage them to build a future for themselves so they can stand on their own as part of the society. Furthermore, we are dedicatedly working on a project addressed to persons who suffer from autism or other disorders and who need everyone’s special attention to integrate as well as possible into society.

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