Social Service Center "GHERMĂNEȘTI" will be a center that will operate both as a temporary shelter for various social categories, old people, and also as a recovery and treatment center for people with certain types of disabilities. At the same time, the complex will include a sport basis and a few other small businesses.

Project Structure


The center will target persons from the following categories of disability:

  • Physical disability - impairments of discharge statics, mechanical failures and upper limb motor, static and motion impairments of lower limb spastic, paralysis of limbs (slight, medium or heavy grade)
  • Somatic disabilities - slight or medium grade
  • Mental disability – the degree of mental retardation- low (IQ 70-84), easy (IQ 50-70), and moderated (IQ 35-49).

This Center will have:

  • Accommodation facilities (reserve for 2 persons, with bathroom).
  • Rehabilitation/therapy offices – Electrotherapy, Ultrasound Therapy, Microwave, Magnetotherapy, Lasertherapy, Kinetotherapy, Galvanic bath, all the procedures perfomed by state of the art last generation equipment;
  • Cafeteria;
  • Auxillary recreational facilities.

Emergency Care Center

Created for people without shelter, the Center will serve as temporary shelter and counseling until the transfer to specialized centers.

This Center will have:

  • Accomodation facilities (reserve for 4 persons, with bathroom);
  • Counselling offices;
  • Cafeteria;
  • Auxillary recreational facilities.

Dental Clinic

Designed for either social disadvantaged groups or private clients (with copayment). Will serve also the two centers mentioned above. The procedures will be either for emergency cases or for prophylactic measures, as well as implantology. The clinic will be endowed with a modern dental radiology system.


Designed for general clinical investigations. The center will serve the people of the two categories listed above, as well as for the private patients, for a fee. In the facility there will be the following cabinets: Ophthalmology, ENT, Internal Medicine, Radiology (X-ray, Ultrasound), Gynecology, Endoscopy, Functional Diagnostics, Clinical Laboratory. All of them will be equipped with latest technology top specification modern equipment, brand new from world top manufacturers. The procedures performed will be: biochemical, hematology, Elisa and electrophoresis clinical analyses, ECG’s, Spirometer, Electroencephalography, Stress Tests, ECG Holters, Gynecology analyses, Radiography and Fluoroscopy, Ultrasound 3D and 4D, Tomography, Video colonoscopy and Endoscopy.

One day Surgery Operating Theatre

The Operating Theatre will be compposed from 3 operating rooms for small surgical procedures fully equipped with Surgical Tables, Operating LED Lights, Anesthesia Machines, Electrosurgical units with vascular cut, Surgical Suction Units, C Arm machine, Air booms (pendants), Laparoscopy and 2 ICU compartmens – pre and post surgery – special ICU Beds, Vital Signs Monitors linked to a centralized station, Ventilators,  and also a small Central Sterilization Station – Steam Sterilizer, Washer, Low Temp. Sterilizer. This will adress one day surgery procedures like – plastic surgery, gynecology, appendicitis, orthopaedic.


Intended for the manufacture of goods whose sale will contribute to the self-financing of the Project.

  • Handicraft Workshop;
  • Mini Printing Press;
  • Bakery;
  • Small Furniture Carpentry Workshop;
  • Workshop in manufacturing plastic articles.

In these workshops will be involved also people from the above centers for therapeutic purposes.                


The Micro Farm will ensure fresh food for the centers cafeterias and also for the sport base hotel. In the micro farm will  also be involved the people from the above named centers for therapeutic purposes.

The Micro Farm will feature:

  • Facilities for the breeding of cows for milk production;
  • The farming facilities for the production of meat and eggs;
  • Facilities for vegetables growing in open enviroment;
  • Greenhouses for vegetable cultivation in closed environment.


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