SO.SI.SE.SA. means Sympathy

Sympathy is that term that makes us think about our beloved ones; they are the ones who give us their affection and to whom we offer unconditional love and help. But in each community there is a large amount of people who miss affection.

One of the campaigns centered on this foundation's value is "I'm expecting you on my birthday!". Because the innocent and sincere joy of a child is priceless. Every month we go to the day center Sf. Muceniță Sofia, where we support and organize parties to celebrate together those children who have their birthday in that month. Happiness in their eyes at those times is catching.

Moreover, each winter we visit the kids in the foster homes and bring "Santa for everyone" there and no spring passes by without "A Happy Easter for each" family in need. We want to help people of all ages, so we do not forget about elder people. We are working hard to open a geriatric care center in Snagov.

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