Who can become a volunteer?


Anyone! Anyone can become a volunteer and bring it's own contribution, even the smallest, to the world that surrounds us. The most important it's to wish for it!

If you are young: you can write an attractive CV, in which the period of volunteering can be passed as experience. We always get job offers that require a minimum of one year of experience, not necessarily in the field as well as in the workplace. Dis you know that volunteering also matters?! Secondly, you test a possible career, make contacts that can be useful in the future. You help us build a better community where you will enjoy living for decades. And last but not least you make new friends!

If you are unemployed: sitting at home certainly will not bring you the ideal job! By engaging in volunteer activities, you have the chance to gain new experiences. At the same time, you create new contacts that can help you get the job you want. So you have the chance not to "get out of hand" in terms of work, it helps you not to stand in the house.

If you are employed: by engaging in a volunteer activity, you can break the routine of daily activity and the monotony of everyday life.

If you are a family: you can spend more time together, and participating in volunteer activities brings people together. You can give a positive example to children, bringing a great plus to their education. You can express your gratitude that destiny has brought you together.


Why become a volunteer?

* To gain experience which will help you get a better job;
* Not to waste time at home;
* To make new friends and acquaintances;
* To learn new things and to create useful skills;
* To give back some of what you have received from others;
* To make useful contacts;
* To make you feel good;
* To have fun;
* To make the transition to a new life;
* To help the less fortunate;
* To bring a contribution to the community you live in;
* To take responsibility;
* To be part of a team;
* To get to know or better understand the problems of the community you live in.


What can volunteers do?


As a volunteer, you can help the foundation in all its social or cultural actions. Any support, however minor, brings a major contribution to achieving the Foundation's objectives.
You can help us by:
- counseling and informing the target audience in various social actions. As a concrete example, in the framework of the Drug Prevention and Trafficking Campaign, you can go with us to foster careersand talk to the young people about the risks of drugs and the tempting offers coming from various people.
- preparing and distributing packages for the beneficiaries of the organization (children, elderly, low-income or very large families, people with disabilities)
- organizing events (official visits, auctions, conferences)
- health promotion campaigns (gathering information about special health situations, reporting special cases and solving them)
- popularization campaigns (bringing people, institutions and companies into perspective of the Foundation's objectives, projects and campaigns to get their support in their realization).

Your rights as a volunteer.

As a volunteer you benefit from:

- the right to be treated as a colleague with equal rights and not as a free  work hand;
- the right to consider your personal preferences, temperament, life experience, studies and professional experience when given a task;
- the right to be informed about the issues involved in the activity for which your support is requested;-
- the right to supervision - guidance from an experienced, well-informed, patient, attentive and time-consuming person to meet your volunteer needs;
- the right to have a place to work;
- the right to be promoted and to be given more and more responsibility, according to the results;
- the right to be heard and to play a role in planning activities, to feel free to make suggestions and to have your views respected;
- the right to recognition and expression of the appreciation you deserve.

Your responsabilities as a volunteer

As a volunteer, you must:
~ Be convinced - explore your feelings and be sure you want to help other people!
~ Be sure - do not offer your services until you are convinced of the value of what you can do!
~ Be loyal - offer your suggestions, but follow the rules; do not criticize what you do not understand!
~ Be willing to learn - training is essential to be able to work in good conditions!
~ Say what you think - ask what you do not understand; do not keep your questions and frustrations for you because you can't help yourself or the others!
~ Learn everything you can - get informations about the cases and the causes for which the foundation fights!
~ Accept supervision - you can be more helpful if you follow the advice and guidance offered to you, and look at checking your job as a help rather than an affront or a mistrust.
~Trust - do what you are assigned to do and do not promise things if you are not sure you can and can do it!
~ Be a member of the team - integrate yourself and support others!

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